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To me this is saying that adding/substituting titanium to glazes containing
boron will tend to be better fitting that if we use silica alone.

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> Hi -
> Re the role of TiO2 in a ceramic glaze:
> In the world in which I trained, materials science/ceramic engineering,
> TiO2
> is known as a glass former, the definition of which is that it incorporates
> into the glass structure, as opposed to modifying it.
> This is the best reference for that property that I could find by a cursory
> search using google:
> The effect of titanium dioxide on the structure of silicate multicomponent
> glasses
> S. A. Kukharenko, A. E. Shilo, P. P. Itsenko & A. N. Kutsai
> Journal of Superhard Materials volume 32, pages396–405(2010)Cite this
> article
> https://link.springer.com/article/10.3103/S1063457610060055
> It is shown that Titanium dioxide replaces silicon in the glass structure,
> i.e. it is a glass former.
> Increasing the TiO2 in a glaze can increase/decrease or have no effect on
> the
> viscosity of the glaze. One can increase silica in a glaze to get either
> effect as well.
> I'm going with Robert Harris on this, TiO2 goes in the third column of the
> empirical formula as its a glass former.
> I'm with Harris on Boron as well, going out on a limb on this, cause I've
> seen
> the references fly by, but don't have any in the paw just now. Boron goes
> in
> the middle column.  It is amphoteric, it can be substitute for silica in
> the
> glassy network, then be a glass former.  Equally, it can modify, break up
> the
> network, then it is behaving as a base, and goes in the first column.
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