[Clayart] role of P2O5 in ceramic glaze

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In response to Hank Murrows request for a discussion of the role of P2O5,
potassium pentoxide in a glaze -

It is known to be a glass former, In their paper:

On the glass transition and viscosity of phosphorus pentoxide
S. W. MartinC. A. Angell
Cite this: J. Phys. Chem. 1986, 90, 25, 6736-6740
Publication Date:December 1, 1986

There is no discussion of whether P2O5 is a glass former, i.e. that is
accepted as known.  The purpose of that paper is rather to establish the glass
transition temperature of P2O5.

In the book Silicate Glasses and Melts, B.O.Mysen and P Richet, Elsevie, 2005,
in chapter 13 on phosphorus, give a discussion of the role of phosphorus
in silicate melts, evidence is given that phosphorus is found in tetrahedral
coordination as part of the glassy network.

It would seem that P2O5 also is a glass former and in column three of the
empirical formula.


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