[Clayart] Titanium analysis

Edouard Bastarache edouardb at colba.net
Sun Jan 19 15:46:15 EST 2020

Any type ofsupposedly 'pure titanium dioxide' contains impurities up to 5%, mainly iron oxides, black and red, and other stuffs; dont forget they come from the earth crust and beaches. Why light rutile is slightly colored and the 'pure titanium dioxide' as produced here in our region is not? It is pure white (I was their medical consultant for decades, so i had to mess around with their MSDSs,-
So I know what they have in their products.


 I mostly agree with you! Pure titanium dioxide is produced in such large quantities (mostly for paint) that it is almost unthinkable that an impure version would be produced, except, as you say, by planned adulteration. It's possible of course the feedstock for a specific industrial use for TiO2 has those impurities added for a specific reason - not implausible - and US pigment sourced their TiO2 from that feedstock.
However since their business is pigments, I doubt very much that they are unaware of how impure their TiO2 is - even if it *was* industrial feedstock.


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