[Clayart] Wrapping for storage

Snail Scott claywork at flying-snail.com
Sun Jan 19 17:44:04 EST 2020

> On Jan 19, 2020, at 1:00 PM, Kathy Forer <kef at KFORER.COM> wrote:
> Thank you Snail and Vince! A friend who is a former Art Mover had suggested the acid-free paper to me.  Surprised at such preciousness…

I briefly worked as an art handler for a museum.  I was constantly amused by the white-glove protocols for handling works that had obviously been roughly handled in the past, and for works which were the product of extremely not-refined processes! As makers, we tend to view these things differently. The artist might hit it wth a hammer, shove it with their shoe, toss it in the pickup truck, etc, but once it passes to an institution or a professional handler, insurance requires particular protocols. Even filthy, chipped, nasty second-rate old pots get the full treatment, just as if they were the finest Ming porcelain - it’s not up to the handler to make that call. 

Glassine, in my experience, was the standard wrapping for contact with the actual art surface, as it is pH-neutral and is neither absorbent nor textured. It feels a lot like waxed paper, except with no wax. Just very, very smooth. 

See this for a sense of the protocols adhered to by professionals in the the field: https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000046862

However, this is likely to be entirely irrelevant to you!  As you know, bisque mainly just needs to stay free of grease and wax, and not get chipped or cracked. Fired ceramics need to mainly be protected against hard impacts; almost everything else washes off! Just wrap it in crumpled paper, or bubble wrap if you have it cheaply, and don’t sweat it. 
Fragile painted surfaces could benefit from a glassine wrap first, as could some of those squirrely unstable metallic surfaces, but everything else…just cushion it.

Good luck on the move!


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