[Clayart] pickle buckets

sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Tue Jan 21 17:50:25 EST 2020


While I don't mind pickle smell, perhaps you could pick up buckets from 
the grocery store bakery instead. I go to the local Safeway or King 
Soopers or whatever supermarket is in your area, and ask for frosting 
buckets. You have to go in the morning when they are icing the donuts, 
and the buckets are shorter than  pickle buckets, but the same diameter. 
Frosting is easy to clean out.

> I recently moved and am setting up my studio. I have been looking for 5 gallon buckets for glazes and a number of locals have kindly offered their empty buckets for free. I picked up 2 buckets from a restaurant today. The buckets had contained pickles. I am wondering if the vinegar / acetic acid that has soaked into the plastic will leach into my glazes and the acidic pH will affect the glazes. I am soaking them overnight in detergent, but I suspect that there will still be vinegar in the plastic. They definitely smell. Has anybody had experience with pickle buckets?
> Thanks,
> Alice
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