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sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Fri Jan 24 13:10:58 EST 2020

Thanks for the link. Looks simple enough. We (at the Washington Heights 
art center) were planning to have a hood built over the wax pan but 
using city employees the project was going to cost far more than buying 
the vent-a-fume! We used to have it by a window with an exhaust fan 
which worked if it wasn't windy, but that is not considered secure any more.

> Looked at the product on the link:  click to see our table-mounted
> model [1] and this might be better for use over hot wax.
> 	Have a look at this and you might be able to create your own device:
> http://www.moyerdesign.com/STUDIO%20Safety.html [2]
> 	Bill
> William Schran wschran at twc.com 703-505-1617
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> Just curious if anyone has used Vent-a-kiln's product called
>   Vent-a-fume, which is designed to vent encaustic fumes. It seems
> perfect
>   for venting the fumes from hot wax pans.
> Links:
> ------
> [1] https://www.ventafume.com/table-mounted-ventilation-systems/
> [2] http://www.moyerdesign.com/STUDIO%20Safety.html
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