[Clayart] Clayart Digest, Vol 50, Issue 25

feldspars feldspars at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 18:54:45 EST 2020

 Kathy, I feel your pain.  Just packed up a 40 year old studio with an additional 10 years of gypsy studios.  I'm still half moved as I don't have a studio and not sure I can share a space after 50 years of working alone.  Good part is it forces a purge, bad news is I had to leave my 48 cu ft gas kiln.  Time perhaps to explore cone 10 electric although I'm waiting for Hank Murrow to get his kiln prototype off the ground.  It is a beauty.  
I'm still hobbling around from all that hefting.  Hard to tell the aging body it simply can't pick up those 50 lb boxes and bags without payback.  Hope the move in is uneventful.  Where are you headed?  
"It is thoroughly indecent to move a sculpture or ceramics studio! Good to get things packed up and decluttered but what a lot of weight to haul about. Would that I were a calligrapher or singer! 

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