[Clayart] passing on a glaze

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Jan 28 22:22:04 EST 2020

i tend to give people sort of a theory.  a good glaze, works.
the details are up to the maker.  jeff is right...i love this glaze at 7.
i have taken it to 8 with great results.

like pot roast...it all depends. it is a theory.
i have never liked recipes with exact numbers. you know, expect nirvana.
that is why i love this glaze.  equal amounts, but what if you want
more glass, or a bit flatter.  just move the ingredients around.
make your own decisions and test for what you like.  so, is it grams, pounds
or coffee cans full of material?  just keep a decent set of numbers so you write.
damn, don.t do this again...

as i told my student kathi today. `heck as you walk by that bucket throw
in a half teaspoon of cobalt. see what happens...call it on the sheet.
enhanced mel6 glaze with cobalt and copper.`

i repeat from one of the greatest painters of all time `mattise`.  `WHAT IF``
he would say, `what if the white background was green, no yellow, no black.
would it make a difference?  of course...but would you ever know if you did
and, no matter how hard you try to get the color just right..the first customer
in the shop will say...`god,is that an awful blue gagphew`  ten more will walk in and
buy them all because you are a genius at blue.

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