[Clayart] the incredible diversity of clay

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Jan 29 20:51:26 EST 2020

we hear the word all the time..diversity.
the greatest joy for most of us....we are busy learning. we never stop.
there are so many facets of clay.

you can be yourself.  if you are like paul, and engineer, science background...you
can leap out of that world and be what you want to be...what a gift. his life is full.

if you love the dirt, the clay...go for it. no science needed.
if you are an artist, painter, carver, whatever...just do it. but, for real.

as i have said thousands of time...`i want it all.`  i love clay, i love the kilns..
electric, gas, wood and salt.  raku and the pit.
and then to work with joe koons on that old glaze and find some answers...amazing.
and then to build dozens of kilns and do the book with the help of so many clayart friends.
bylines galore.

i love the science of glaze. i read, i study...and i have many friends that help
me with the science.  we could not survive without that knowledge and information,
'but those that love and do, give to all of us. we care for them. we admire them.`

i totally loved that 60/40 glaze. so simple, yet think of volcanic ash...it just blows out
of the ground.  ready for glaze.  the kids loved it. two bags of stuff. big container...the kids
ran that canoe paddle all day.  the glaze never settled.  and,then as a teacher to watch those
experiments come from the kiln...kids with smiles as big as life. `i made this.`

and every holiday i would put corn plant seeds in the warm re/cycle buckets.
the kids would walk in the room and plants were sprouting out of the pails. bright green
corn plants.  `see, it is just earth`   then i makes sense..earth, fire and water...our
lives depend on it.
clay, amazing stuff, and we get to use it all the time.
we are blessed.
with love, mel

website: www.melpots.com

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