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One of my former students from Boysville (residential school for delinquent boys) found me about nine years ago. He was making pots and started a tile business. He said is wasn't until he started taking college ceramics courses that he realized I was teaching college ceramics to 13-17 yr. olds. None of this bagged clay for us. We mixed our own. Same with glazes. Those kids knew the difference between cone 06 and cone 6. They knew what flux and opacifier meant. The knew how to load and fire a kiln. And the written test they took came straight from my ceramics class at Eastern Michigan with John Loree. When I would take them on a field trip to an art fair they would be asking potters what cone they fired to and why they chose porcelain over stoneware. I don't know how many went on to make pots, but I know they could have set up their own studio with the knowledge they got in my class.


On Jan 31, 2020, at 7:28 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> does one learn anything in a semester in college?  not much any longer. you know.
> `skill is votech stuff...we make smart art`...sure.
> it all matters.
> skill, knowledge, chemistry, physics, artistic en-devour, weather, mechanical
> leverage, human strength. hydro, fire, thermo technology, fire, wood working,
> plumbing, gas, electric knowledge, fire.  it goes on and on...IT ALL MATTERS.
> mel
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