[Clayart] funny correction

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Fri Jan 31 08:38:26 EST 2020

when talking about the jian kiln cooling, i mis spoke.
it should say...a big heat wave hits, 94F, and the kiln does not
cool...stays at 1900F for 16 days, does it matter?

but, then think the opposite...the weather changes in the
late fall. kiln is finally done...and it gets to be -4F with
strong north winds.  the kiln cools fast...reallly fast.
does it matter?  it is north china...weather was fierce at times.

and the most important correction...mrs.thom was not the
stick lady, it was her sister xixi. mrs. thom was the water lady.
she had buckets of water to cool off the stick throwers. she was
a really good lady. smart, quick and did not stand for sas.
she was in charge of 21 young women that carried the buckets of water.
geez, sorry i missed that...typing too fast. brain gets ahead of my fingers.
writing these memories is a good alzmr's test for me. but, forgetting mrs. thom
threw me for a loop this morning.

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