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Hank Murrow hmurrow at efn.org
Fri Jan 31 17:54:21 EST 2020

Hey Mel;

I did much the same thing when, having admired an old Shino Chawan(400 years old), I decided to try an replicate it____
sorta. I had a student translate Arakawa-san's notes, and tried to approximate his chemistry and firing régime. It took around three years to do it, but in the process, I was able to offer a correction to Pamela Vandiver's text in the notes to the Smithsonian book on Seto and Mino Ceramics. Pamela was verey generous in having me back to her lab in Suitland to examine shards of my Shino pots with the scanning SEM, and wrote the corrections based upon those tests. I miss her. She showed up at Penland while I was supervising he installation of one of my Doorless Fiberkilns, and jumped righ in to help. It took me a few minutes to recognize her, as she was so out of context!  

That kiln I later bought back from Penland, and gave to Joe Davis, who will be bringing out of storage in Marietta, OH and bringing it home to Eugene for installation and re-lining here. Only fair, since he volunteered to help me re-line my kiln with a new type of fiber lining(15%Zirconia added) that has a 200+F headroom compared to the original fiber of 1980. Should fire to C/13 with no problem.

How the World turns!

Cheers, Hank in Eugene

On Jan 31, 2020, at 2:03 PM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> when i did the chinese hare's fur study with joe koons i wrote in my
> story in cm that i `had to become an old chinese potter`.  i meant that.
> if everything matters, i had to get rid of all my hand tools, i did all hand
> wedging.
> i made all bamboo working tools for my wheel. I did use my electric wheel, but sorta had to.
> i used natural sponges.
> i made a hygrometer out of a strip of bamboo with a rock wired to the bottom.
> made slash marks for depth.  i found an old piece of bronze and cut by hand
> a trim tool.  even sharpened it with a stone. it was very therapeutic, and got me
> started the right way.  i got as primitive as i could be.
> i think it is fun to do that sort of thing.  it got me focused on what i was doing.
> new tools,no stereo, quiet studio...i even made a bamboo dipper for glaze. try it some time.
> you will understand.
> i got out my old copy of the harvard/sackler study on hare's fur.  been reading from the
> written chinese history.  potters notes etc.  it just makes me smile.  all about
> kilns not firing right. why the differences...we all know why. we have had the same
> problems.
> earth, fire, water..work..frustration, then glory.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com

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