[Clayart] Pyrometer/forget where I get those 5 lb. samples of clay we talked about

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 10 11:52:43 EST 2020

Hi Carolyn,
If you Google: 5# ceramic clay body samplers, the eastern location of "The Ceramic Shop" is offering eight 5# sampler blocks of Laguna clays for $ 12.50 US.        Samplers come in eight cone 6 blocks,  (and also in eight cone 10 block samplers.)

Me personally re pyrometer use. I echo Carolyn's " Enjoy your new pyromaniac toys."  Yes, of some limited value for charting kiln functioning.  But one still must consider the lag times, the thermocouple drift as the thermocouples age, and corroding connections... bla bla.
Snail I know you know all this as well, and the most negative aspect is we must not to un-sharpen our "fire eye" intuition, and our abilities to read the fire and "be the fire."
Yet as WE know; there is value in owning a pyrometer but not in it owning us.   Watching that needle go up and down...up and down......like a credentialed " Firing Lunatic" watching the Moon rise and set. (Ha)

Been there, done that too. (ha again)


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Hi Snail,  I bought  a pyrometer too, but I’ve never used it or ever seen one in action during my clay career.  Gotta learn.  Hey, I bet I can start with YouTube.  Enjoy your new pyromaniac toys.

Happy to report that  the clay studio here closed by covid  will be open from now on, with key at concierge desk.  Hours don’t have to be limited and we can go there any hour of day or night as before Covid.    Had talk with one of the powers that be, and they have heard my loud and plaintive pleas for kiln access.  Once kiln repairs made,  it looks like I can play with the L&L computerized kiln.  Hallelujah!  I shall move  my wheel and other stuff back to communal studio and get back to work tomorrow.

It’s been so long since I discussed the 5 lb.  clay sample assortment  that I can’t find the supplier where I found the info.  Help, please.  I am ready to purchase the new clays.  Ciao.

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