[Clayart] S crack remedy?

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Here's a good article to read about cracking:

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 Two points. First in my experience it is better to try the repair
after the bisque firing. Try one of the commercial repair products.
Not guaranteed by any means but on a special piece definitely worth a
try .

 Second to eliminate future S cracks after opening try reverse
throwing the bottom which means put pressure on the clay and do a pass
or two from the outside of the bottom to the center of the bottom. S
cracks have an S shape because of tension in the clay from the
throwing process and not because the bottom was too wet or dried
incorrectly. That is not to say those don't contribute to the stress
becoming a crack when drying but why not eliminate the cause of the


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 > On Nov 12, 2020, at 11:49 AM, Ken Chase  wrote:
 > Hello:
 > Haven’t posted in a long time but read everything.
 > Trying porcelain and made one I really like but has a
 > Large s crack at the bottom. Is there a pre bisque repair? Thanks 
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