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And yet - what happens with glaze on porcelain will be so much more.


Quoting mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com>:

> i said years back that you can compress hump throwing until
> your hands bleed, and if you are using fine body clay, it will
> crack. you can trim upside down and backwards, it cracks and fails.
> it is the clay body.  not you.
> i made 10,000 pots in japan, all hump thrown, white stoneware.
> not a S crack in any of them. why?
> i often wonder why people flock to white clay, fine bodies to
> make their work, and then wonder why you have total failure.
> "ok, i am going to give this one more year!"  human punishment and
> then stick pins in your crotch..
> folks that have done the complete study of porcelain, know it
> and can trust from start to finish a great product, have at it.
> ron roy, badenhorst supreme, can tell you what to do, but that
> may take years for you to master.
> stoneware bodies, open with grog and sand, various particle sized
> recipes are wonderful and very forgiving.  and, i love the word FORGIVING.
> i want that body.  it forgives me, it helps me..and it makes great pots.
> i can speed things up.  make 50 mugs one day, handles the next, force dry
> and bisque. no loss.
> it just makes sense to me.  why build in failure?  and then the  
> work, the timing, slowslowslow.
> i tried it this spring at the farm...one last time.  it was awful, disaster
> and cracked pots. just like booze in my life, cigarettes or dope...i give
> up fine white clay.  "good evening everyone, i am mel, a reformed  
> porcelain addiction soul"
> so, i have done my duty.  i have warned you again.  stay sober, and  
> make stoneware pots.
> mel
> then they will start in..."but mel, you don't get it, i want white  
> pots!"  good for you.
> i will send you a brochure to climb mount everest. naked, and at night.
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