[Clayart] best shelves for wood soda firing

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Maxine, Suggest you look at the different shelves available here:
https://kilnshelf.com/kiln-shelves/ I have worked with this company
for years and they are great in helping you purchase the right shelf
for your application. I might suggest you consider the Cryston TW
shelves. Make sure you are sitting down when you see the price! Rather
expensive up front but will last for many years!

William Schranwschran at twc.com703-505-1617

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Yikes just opened my Bruce Bower wood/soda kiln and all the shelves
 tipped. Fortunately I lost less pieces than I expected. It turns out
 one of the bottom cordierite shelves cracked & caused all the shelves
 it to slant.

 I am considering investing in silicon carbide shelves - I am
wondering if
 anyone has used these in wood firing. I looked online and there seem
to be
 3 types: conventional silicon carbide, nitrite bonded silicon carbide
 Advancer light shelves.

 If I do it, this is a big investment for me, so I do not want to make
 mistake. i would love the light shelves, because the kiln is fairly
 and it would give me more space for pots - but I fear the unevenness
of the
 flame might cause them to crack - especially if they were on the
 The most shelves I would need are 6 half shelves. I wonder if I could
buy 2
 conventional silicon carbide shelves for the bottom, but use the
 type above them.

 I am wadding, but wonder if it is best that I coat the silicon
 shelves with kiln wash, in case I have ash drips - also the wood I am
 stoking the kiln with has soaked in a supersaturated solution of soda
 and kiln wash for 4 or more days.

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated

 many thanks
 with blessings,
 917 705 3803
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