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Thanks. But you fire in a kiln with forced air burners, too, right? Is 
forced air different from compressed air burners? Is it just a lot 
easier to fine tune the firing process in a standard downdraft kiln?

> kathy will give details, but i am very understanding about jt and kilns.
> his ideas were so "out there" that common folks would not touch them.
> it is all about compressed air burners...getting oxygen into the flame so
> that the kiln did not spit out carbon monoxide. all one has to do his have the
> windows and door open.  lots of O2 in the room.
> jt was a flawed, sort of out there guy. he frightened people and he liked
> young woman far too much. but, i sure loved his brain and so did nils.
> most of how i fire with speed, blue flame and no smoke is a result of
> understanding him. i got to sit down with him only one time and interview
> him for an article for cm.  he did not want to do it. he thought people would
> laugh at him and bring up "issues" he had.  i assured him i was there to
> talk pots, kilns and clay. (he also knew i was pals of both
> nils lou and dale eldred the sculptor, that calmed him down. ( he hated stupid))
>   i still have the tape.  he was a wonderful clay guy.
> a giant.  but, flawed socially.
> mel
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