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It was mentioned:  that in the initial forming without aid of the potter's wheel the hand formed vessel's round bottom was hand turned in a corresponding depression in the dirt, or as in Native American Southwest pottery the beginning hand-built form nested its round bottom in a "puki" fabricated of grasses, reeds. or hides.

While in Kenya vising a village of potters who  made clay cooking pots and stoves (all women by the way).  They made the pots in two sections the made the top first on a sheet of plastic and later when that had hardened they added the round bottom.  The stove was shaped like a trimming chuck for a bottle with three curved fingers that supported the pot.  There was an opening in the side to add the firewood.

I am sure it will be pointed out that there was on plastic sheet in antiquity but remember large leaves could be used for the same purpose as the plastic sheet.
It is a good idea to keep an open mind on what was done in ancient times because people have always been inventive.


Rick Mahaffey

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