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Michael Wendt mwendt at wendtpottery.com
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I built my own large ribbon mixer for batching and a 2200 LB per hour 
deairing pug mill from stainless steel.
Batching first allows you to adjust the moisture content of the body before 
you pug. Vacuum de-airing really solves most cracking problems associated 
with low clay content bodies like porcelain because air bubbles constitute 
the initiation points for cracks to start.
Hardly anyone I know does this for very good reasons so here's my suggestion 
with its rationale:

I viewed the Peter Pugger at NCECA several years ago and agree with those 
who wrote that it is by far the best single piece of equipment to buy 
provided it is stainless steel throughout AND is also equipped with the 
vacuum setup for removing air.
First, because the large charge hopper permits you to mix the clay with the 
machine running in the mix direction and to add either dry ingredients to 
stiffen the clay or water to further soften the clay, it takes away the need 
to wedge which is hard on the hands and wrists.
Next, once you like the moisture level, you simply remove the pug sections 
end cap, reverse the direction of rotation and the clay come out without the 
need to pry on a tamper.
Best of all, it will have high resale value when you retire.
Michael Wendt
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> Hi guys. The last time I owned a pugmill was 22 years ago, before I came 
> to
> the USA.
> I am considering one or probably 2 at this stage, stainless steel for
> porcelain and another for stoneware clay.
> What do I have to look for before I buy? Is it worth it to buy second 
> hand.
> If so, what should I look for? Thanks again.
> Best wishes,
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