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Hi Tammy - 
Cone-6 is midrange, and the information on low-fire soda won't be of much use.  I have never heard of a midrange body with large amounts of talc.  Many white or buff midrange bodies work well in soda.  I have used Star white-6 (from Starworks) in midrange soda with very good results, but have also fired B-Mix with grog in soda with equally good results.  You will not get much orange peel texture in soda at cone-6.  If you look at the pots on my website you will get a sense of the surface I get with these claybodies.  The only ones with much orange peel were the ones pushed to between cone-7 and cone-8.  The ones near the bottom of the "current and recent work" page were made from a buff Mackenzie stoneware body I used for many years at the Appalachian Center for Craft, but I am happier with a lighter body in soda firing. 
- Vince 

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Hi All,
I was recently asked to participate / fire a Cone 6 Soda Firing.
Currently we are trying to figure out what the best clay bodies to use, so that we get the really good color and the orange peel texture that you would get in a Cone 10 firing.

My friend that got me involved has been reading the Justin Rothshank Low Fire Soda book and brought to my attention the issue that larger quantities of talc in the clay body don’t do well in atmospheric environments. My question is has anyone else had this problem and why would this happen?

Thanks in advance,

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