[Clayart] Glaze durability - understadable!

ronroy at ca.inter.net ronroy at ca.inter.net
Sat Feb 6 16:43:30 UTC 2021

A while ago I asked if anyone was interested is looking at a review on  
Glaze Durability. Most of those who asked for a copy had little or no  
understanding of what the author was talking about - including me.

In the meantime Lou Turner (a ClayArt member and student of ceramic  
chemistry) volunteered to interpret the review. I now have his  
translation and additional information which has made the review  
understandable in large part to me.

Anyone who would like to have his translation, my questions answered  
and additional papers should let me know and I will forward them.


Ron Roy
ronroy at ca.inter.net
Web page ronroy.net

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