[Clayart] report from the farm

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Feb 10 10:38:30 UTC 2021

yes, it is cold, high temp during the day is -5F.  -18 at night. it will
be about 12 days in a row of this northern colding. we had a -45 last winter.
the hay river outside my door has been running since the time of the glaciers. yes,
pure spring water, the current keeps it from freezing solid..it is gorgeous.
time is forever, a nice concept.  i love to think of Ojibway's living in tents
at -50 on the land i own now. what will it be like in another 800 years?

I just finished a full year at the farm. it went well.

we have great systems in place. the well head and pipes to my house are covered with
a four foot box, filled with sawdust. heat tape on the bottom to keep it dry.
( i hope you all know that "coleman coolers etc. are filled with sawdust. it is a
great insulator. and those guys at the sawmill sell that sawdust faster than the wood cut.
at the sawmill near us, the sawdust is blown into a large semi trailer. off it goes. )

i get my shot today. first one. you know, "the shot".  glad to have that done. lucky i guess.
but, at 86 there should be some le-way. the news is saying the Johnson and Johnson vaccine
is almost ready to go. it may not be as high %, but it will add a great many shots to the table.

so, the good news is; summer is coming, blue skies, soft rain, flowers and baby deer. and for
sure the pileated wood peckers are around, and the bauld eagles are still here..eating
dead deer on the road. (they are not regal eating dead animals. we have dozens of them.)
a deer ran into my car last week. i never saw it. it rolled over my hood, went into the air
and landed on its feet sprinting for the brush. not a scratch on my car. phew.

anyway, good luck to all, remain safe and healthy. think new pots, new clay and great fire.
love to all, mel
and that arrogant male cardinal lands near my porch and with the gray and white back drop and
he screams..."look at me, Look at ME, i am bright red."  yah, we know.

website: www.melpots.com

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