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Stay away from gold,and also avoid bitcoins,,,


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you can release arnold and bill.  i was able to find the breakdown in the listserv software. but detective woof, keep your eye on them.

it is a funny story.  i had to report to my classmates a death in our group and i have a mail system of a group.  well, the names of six classmates just vanished. so, guess who gets yelled at for not informing friends..yah, me.  i have volunteered to be communicator for a bunch of over 80 classmates, most have no idea what is going on.  but, i have to be perfect if i am going to serve them.

i also got word of a dear friend passing and put it on facebook for the thousand or so former students to know.  my source screwed up, the family went after me like a vengeance.  he is in hospice.  "How dare you announce his death."
swear words, screaming..i hung up.  there was about a hundred tributes to the fellow.
they were not acknowledged at all by the family.

and now, the information on the clayart software dropped my name as owner and moderator. i was locked out of my company. i fiddled with the code, got back in and now have control of the software.

but, one of the hardest emotional problems we have is "being blamed for doing the right thing."

this may make you cry.  I was the chairman (of 1) to make sure retiring teachers were honored the last day of school.  I had a source of very nice gold pens, with refills, and i gave them the last day of school. (i paid for them.) when i retired, no one did a thing for me. i had to go and buy a gold pen.

as my angelic Mother would say.."you do not get into heaven with good deeds, but do them anyway".
mel  (notventingjustinforming)

website: www.melpots.com

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