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Thu Feb 25 15:14:37 UTC 2021

We are not going to eliminate plastics from our world in the near future, and thus the thing to do is to use plastic responsibly.  Sumi, your approach is admirable.  We should all avoid disposable plastic containers whenever we can, and purchase from vendors who package in biodegradable cardboard whenever possible.

That said, snap-lid plastic storage bins are a very reliable and responsible strategy for keeping wares damp or slow-drying them.  Plastic sheeting, or a large damp box/cabinet, are better for large numbers of thrown forms, especially if they are left on bats to stiffen.  But for people who do complex forms wit lots of parts, nothing works nearly as well as plastic storage boxes.  When I left Tennessee I gave away most of my plastic storage boxes to friends and students locally, and here in North Carolina I purchased new ones that are suitable to the work I am doing.  Most of the plastic storage boxes in Tennessee were ten to twenty years old and still in good condition.  I expect that the ones I purchased here in NC will last for the rest of my life.  
- Vince

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