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Fri Feb 26 13:35:06 UTC 2021

There are so many variations in yellow glazes, and many people resort to
Mason stains to get yellow.  My favorite cone-10 honey-colored glaze is
honey luster, tinted with manganese.  It is usually transparent and
wonderful over slip decoration, but a slow firing at maturation or
especially a downfiring will grow beautiful manganese crystals that can
obscure decoration beneath the glaze. If you look at Tom Turner's gorgeous
pots online you can find ones with spectacular manganese crystals. 

The most famous highfire yellow glazes are the Chinese iron yellows, like
the ones that earned Otto Heino millions of dollars.  A Chinese iron yellow
is similar to a temmoku but with less iron and a lot of calcium (whiting).
But of course the Chinese yellows are not transparent. 
- Vince

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