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When I was at high school an acquaintance of mine died after easting a
cookie with a minute amount of peanut butter in it. I've also had a friend
whose throat closed up after kissing her boyfriend who had eaten a snickers
bar literally hours before (she didn't die, had an epipen, but it was a
nasty scare. Now that woman might have over-reacted a little bit (you
weren't about to kiss her, I assume), but don't dismiss anaphylactic shock
as readily as you do.

On Fri, 26 Feb 2021 at 07:41, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:

> for that last post on toxic.
> yes, i have watched for years to stop that sort
> of silliness.  the sky is falling.  in fact clay has been
> taken out of the schools of great Britain for that reason.
> the world's oldest craft is now toxic?
> it assumes that we are unable to think and control what we do\in our
> own studio as professionals.  "lead is a great glaze maker. but, the
> potter has to be
> aware of what is going on.  and that is easy to do. simple, mask and latex
> gloves. water clean up.
> make lead glaze. but no, it will come out of the bag like dracula and suck
> your blood.
> i gave 50 lbs of red and white lead to mike norman. he does sculpture. he
> is so careful, but
> people wonder how he gets those colors...lead.
> as my favorite story, i was eating a peanut covered candy bar in line at
> the post office.
> 'the lady in front of me actually screamed...'PEANUTS, DO YOU WANT TO KILL
> ME..?? SHE RAN OUT.'
> I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD I CHOKED ON A PEANUT.  and i assume she was hating
> gluten too.  i make bread
> to create gluten, and that is the point. thousands of years of bread made
> by hand.
>   now every second person all of sudden, esp in hollywood is
> gluten crazy.  even 7up is gluten free. It never was. now after covid,
> children will be raised in
> haz mat suits.  they need to develop their immune systems. go to a barn
> full of cows and spend time.
> Chinese Yellow.  see my hare's fur story, and see the three bright yellow
> hare's fur
> pots. rich yellow ochre.  Joe showed those pots to otto. see what he said
> in the story.
> i think i will go down to Dale Cuper's barn and talk to black and white
> "fresians" ,
> german cows historically. he milks 100 a day.  they are very nice cows,
> happy. i might
> even shovel some cow pooh. god, i love the smell in that barn. cows and
> hay.
> and, please don't send a hate mail. i know a few folks have severe
> allergies. we respect that.
> and, the new trend in New York expensive eateries. "wonder bread" and of
> course the ramen craze.
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML
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