[Clayart] Dry materials for sale. Grants pass.

Roxanne Hunnicutt roxhun at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 19:54:48 UTC 2021

Dry glaze materials for sale $375. Please post everywhere!

I am moving and will not have a space to do pottery for some time.  I am
selling all of these materials and a scale and wand blender for $375  I am
in Grant Pass a few miles from downtown.  Thanks for looking.

Strontium Carbonite fine
Zircopac plus
Gerstlet Borate

5lb bag
Kaolin English Grolleg x2
Bone ash (Di-Calcium)
Iron oxide red

1lb bag
Titanium Dioxide
Australian spodumene
Frit ferro 3110
Rutile 1 1/2
Lithium carb
Titanium dioxide
Copper carbonate
Zinc oxide

 1/3 lb
Cobalt oxide

Tin oxide

From: Dennis Milbradt <drmilbradt at gmail.com>

Dennis has pictures he can send you!
Roxanne hunnicutt.
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