[Clayart] Reclaiming 30 lbs of clay

dannon at ccrtc.com dannon at ccrtc.com
Sat Jul 10 19:58:00 UTC 2021

Bonnie, it is likely to be easiest to reclaim if you let the
wet parts dry, and then put the lot in water.  Sometimes wet
clay doesn't dissolve very well - depends partly on the clay body.

But if you can wait while what is wet dries, break up any really
large pieces -then put in a bucket or two of water and give it a
stir now & then.  When the lumps are gone, let it evaporate in the
buckets until much of the water is gone. It will settle out, too,
and if it were me I'd scoop out some of the top water to speed
things along.  When solid enough, you
can dump  it out onto plaster (or concrete) slabs. Or, if still
fairly liquid, you can pour it into a couple of old pillow cases
and leave it to dry slowly. Hang them from a limb or something
so it'll dry a bit more evenly. Rework when
it's malleable. It'll be pretty good clay to work with.  And you
have all that dry air up there to hurry the job along.


Dannon Rhudy

On 2021-07-10 12:01 pm, Bonnie Hellman wrote:
> I have about 30 pounds of clay in various states of wetness/dryness 
> that I
> want to reconstitute for throwing. (I thoroughly  cleaned out my Peter
> Pugger after several years because the clay in the barrel was to dry to 
> be
> extruded.)
> Some is hard as bisque, although none was fired. Other pieces are wet 
> and
> sloppy.
> Would you dry out everything and then wet it? Would you put it in a lot 
> of
> water?
> It's been a long time since I've had this much scrap.
> Thanks for sharing your experience,
> Bonnie

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