[Clayart] Reclaiming 30 lbs of clay (kathi at lesueurclaywork.com)

Eleanor Kohler elktgm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 13:24:15 UTC 2021

> I have never had a problem with my scrap clay. It is some of the best throwing clay I use. I usually have two scrap buckets going. One that my trimmings go into to dry  out.  The other has clay that has already dried. My throwing water goes into that bucket. It sits for two weeks while the water evaporates of a little and then goes onto old kiln shelves to dry enough to pug. It takes just a little care to see that debris doesn?t fall into the bucket. I would estimate that I process at least 1000# of scrap every year.  That?s a lot of money to throw away.
> Kathi LeSueur

I am just a hobbyist, I do not have a pug mill, but I do almost everything Kathi does.
Instead of buckets it is bowls or basins. Along with throwing water, I use the bowl of water for cleaning my tools. My clay dries out on a large absorbent paving stone. I wedge on it and, like Kathi, produce excellent throwing clay. 
Perfect system.

I’ve tried to avoid contractions — they’ll come out as question marks😉

Eleanor Kohler
New Haven, Vermont

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