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Quite the 'lady'

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Kerry employs and trains mostly homeless young people.
street folks. And she has about 5 MFA potters that where totally unemployed.  five of her kids are former drug addicts or alcoholics and she has changed their lives.

When covid closed her business, she kept 20 of her loyal workers and paid them during the down time.

She rents a factory, has two 100 cubic foot gas kilns and 25 skutt electrics. she has to maintain all of the equipment herself.  Her work place is very happy and solid.
She makes hard work fun.

She has two big boys that work with her throwing.  Each one centers 20lbs of clay, she throws the pot, then switches wheels and it becomes a round robin.  the boys then take care to make the pots leather, and trim the base to spec.  this round robin happens every day.  many very famous museums sell her glass filled tiles.  that business is slowing...normally she had orders for 40,000 tiles at a time

she has over a thousand outlets, shops, resorts that buy her work. at one time last year her check book was empty. not one order came in for over a year.  she is clawing her way back.

her landlord came to her rescue. he made a marvelous deal for rent, and she is on delayed payment.  He said "where could I find another tenant as fine as Kerry?"

The reason she is in the clay business is because her  PH D advisor at the U of M in "women's studies" published Kerry's thesis and claimed it as her own. changed the research to fit her own work theories. needless to say...Kerry is no longer in academia. or better stated..."bullshitacademia".  and, yes, I did buy groceries for her.
She is one of my finest friends.

website: www.melpots.com

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