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Hi Lois - 
This is very sad news.  Jean took a number of my workshops, and always added so much to the dynamic.  That's the way she was.  She brought so much to any group dynamic.  After she moved out to Bellingham, Michael McDowell and I got together with her for dinner a number of times, often at the Boundary Bay brewpub.  Jean was always such fun, but had uncompromising standards of interpersonal behavior.  Few people know of her critical role in the early days of SFPN - the Strictly Functional Pottery National organized out of Lancaster, PA, where Jean used to live.  Jean and her late husband took one of my early workshops at Michael McDowell's studio in Ferndale, WA.  He was having health problems at the time, but he too was delightful, and I am glad I got to know him a bit.  I will miss Jean.  I will miss everything about her.  
- Vince

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Jean Lehman's daughter posted this to Facebook: I’m sorry to say that Jean Lehman passed away on July 10, 2021. It was fast, unexpected, and she did not appear to be in pain or discomfort. She was making a remarkable recovery from an emergency surgery in June, but her heart failed on the evening of the 12th. She was together with a good friend at the time, and had talked with many loved ones in the days leading up to her death.
This is a tragic loss for all of us. She was such a dynamic, charismatic force that her loss is hard for many of us to comprehend. She lived 82 beautiful years. More information will follow shortly, including a formal obituary and information about a memorial service.

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> Jean Lehman died this week. She was a marvelous friend to many of us.
> I will pass on news as I receive it.
> mel
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