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I was at a presentation about a university program.  They also spoke of their advanced equipment.  I posed the same question as you Vince.  The answer was that they wanted to expose the students to the newest technologies, because that was the future of ceramics.  They also pointed out that the used traditional kilns as well.  They used the analogy of using the latest commercial underglaze colours to allow the artist to achieve the desired result with consistency.   

I felt the same as you. 

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> One year at NCECA the Blaauw Kiln rep gave me the hard sell, trying to convince me that we needed one at the Appalachian Center for Craft.  My response was, "Why in the world would I want to buy a kiln that my students will never be able to afford and that teaches them nothing about firing?  How in the world would that serve me and my students?"  I think the rep was a little offended.  I don't know all the details, but as I understand it, the Blaauw is connected to the internet and includes a lot of sensors, and when you are firing, the Blaauw people will contact you and tell you what you are doing wrong, and will tell you when something needs to be replaced.  Their technicians do the repairs.  Even for a very wealthy school, that doesn't make sense.  It's no a teaching tool.  It is a firing tool that gives no practical firing experience at all.  
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> An American Clay center spent about $60,000 on a new Blauuw Kiln so they could attract the brightest and best clay artists in the world to teach for them. Push the button, cone 10 reduction.
> The "New Wave" of clay artists do not "do kilns, clay or glaze"
> It is about "statements".
> I threw up.
> It reminds me of a calligraphy exhibit with all the work done with stencils, or a quilt show that all the quilts are made in China for the artist.
> I know I am old, and don't "get it".  Why did I spend the last month trying to make beautiful pots??? Oh, and I actually did make many of them.
> A new glaze layering system to create "Celestial glaze".  purple, red blue and violet.  (see facebook, and I will add a pix to my webpage later today.)
> So, I will make a "statement".  I know a great deal about ceramics, I can make clay that is mine, glaze that is mine, and fire it in a kiln I built with my ideas of "Beauty".  Shame on me.
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