[Clayart] Mel loves Blauuw kilns

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Fri Jul 23 22:36:14 UTC 2021

I am a craftsman.  That is what I do.  I do not care what
kind of kiln any other person uses. It is not the tool, it is
the attitude.

There is nothing boring about making clay. It is part of my
craft. I love glaze research.  I love my kilns. I loved designing
them and building them. They serve me.  It is all hand made.

The Museum trusts that `I` made the pots. I am a craftsman. There are
certain elements that make me that.  When I put my stamp on the bottom
of a pot it means something. My statement is that I make "Beautiful pots".

Carol Marians uses kilns of very perfect quality to do the research for us to
learn from.  She needs a kiln like a Blauuw.  She would master it.

There are dozens of automatic kilns for sale for potters. Soon, only
programable kilns will be sold. Have at it.

My last book was titled "from the ground up".  It is about my mentors and
the people that taught me. They all believed that you must learn from the
ground up. I believe that. I do that and will always believe that. You then
become a total craftsperson. Each person decides, it is up to you.

I love modern tools of medicine. I do not let a doctor use blood letting
with leeches on me. I want an MRI. I want a new Leer Jet. Flies at 55,000
feet at mach 1.5, it is not a Piper Cub.

Every time we add an industrial process to hand craft, we all lose a bit of ourselves.

The Samurai sword maker does not send the sword to Krups in Germany for special tooling,
He makes it all, himself. That is a big "Statement".

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