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> On Jul 23, 2021, at 6:40 PM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> I am a craftsman.  That is what I do.  I do not care what
> kind of kiln any other person uses. It is not the tool, it is
> the attitude.
> There is nothing boring about making clay. It is part of my
> craft. I love glaze research.  I love my kilns. I loved designing
> them and building them. They serve me.  It is all hand made.
> The Museum trusts that `I` made the pots. I am a craftsman. There are
> certain elements that make me that.  When I put my stamp on the bottom
> of a pot it means something. My statement is that I make "Beautiful pots".
> Carol Marians uses kilns of very perfect quality to do the research for us to
> learn from.  She needs a kiln like a Blauuw.  She would master it.
> There are dozens of automatic kilns for sale for potters. Soon, only
> programable kilns will be sold. Have at it.
> My last book was titled "from the ground up".  It is about my mentors and
> the people that taught me. They all believed that you must learn from the
> ground up. I believe that. I do that and will always believe that. You then
> become a total craftsperson. Each person decides, it is up to you.
> I love modern tools of medicine. I do not let a doctor use blood letting
> with leeches on me. I want an MRI. I want a new Leer Jet. Flies at 55,000
> feet at mach 1.5, it is not a Piper Cub.
> Every time we add an industrial process to hand craft, we all lose a bit of ourselves.
> The Samurai sword maker does not send the sword to Krups in Germany for special tooling,
> He makes it all, himself. That is a big "Statement".
> mel
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