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Sun Jul 25 13:44:57 UTC 2021

TV dinners ended the communal activity of sitting at the dinner table,, where thoughts, ideas, and the days activities were discussed.
I know, I was there.
Rob Hackert
North Port, Fl

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> On Jul 25, 2021, at 8:48 AM, David Lyons <lyonsd at plbb.us> wrote:
> Great analogy Barry. You get it. 
> Dave Lyons. 
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>> On Jul 25, 2021, at 6:32 AM, Barry Salaberry <bsalab at gmail.com> wrote:
>> A while back, I saw a guy loading his shopping cart with TV dinners, while
>> I passed by, heading towards the produce section, having picked up a gallon
>> of organic milk on the way.
>> For me, it’s important to control, as best as I am able to manage and
>> afford, the quality of food I’m privileged to consume.  I still enjoy
>> growing, slicing, chopping, mincing…all of that preparation stuff, which
>> become part of my day’s pursuit.  It is more than simply having something
>> in my gut.
>> But for that guy who lives on TV dinners, the choice he makes may be about
>> factors I simply don’t have any understanding about.
>> With this thing about building a kiln or buying one, about mixing glaze or
>> buying one, about making my clay or buying it, it seems to be something
>> similar to the TV dinner dilemma.  I don’t understand why people are
>> choosing to miss all of the things I love about working with clay.
>> In fact, I have to admit, I enjoy the making of tools for what I need to
>> keep this current idea going, almost as much as I get into the actual hands
>> in the clay part.
>> I found that when I worked in the carpentry field, there was a drive to
>> complete, to finish up so we could get paid and get out of there.  But,
>> working for myself with wood, I’ve learned to enjoy the making, since
>> that’s the only part I can have and retain, if only as a memory.  If I rush
>> past this part, I miss the part about smelling the rose thing.
>> What I’m getting at, is that our various backgrounds likely have something
>> to do with our perspective about this clay work.  The young potters have a
>> whole different set of references which they pull up when approaching not
>> only the clay but the why behind it all.
>> As long as I can keep the freedom to have complete control in my work, then
>> I feel I shouldn’t even think about judging what any other person, who
>> seeks to enjoy that same freedom, does with their time.
>> Barry Salaberry
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