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MY truth alone:
I make pots and create Visual Art in various media because I am passionately moved forward by the intrigue of the entire process and the challenges presented by manipulation of the design and execution of ideas, materials and the rewards of a satisfied spirit that fills my sails, with a never-ending parade of serendipitous surprises.........and thousands of Fine Clay Vessels of Tranquille Domesticity.

As long as folks half my age are asking 'is David still making pots, when is his next show?' I live in the "Gold" and what happens in the future beyond will take place as it will and no amount of acrimonious bitching or sucking up will change it one iota for you, me, anyone!!!

The forgoing's are my personal credentials.

Far more impressive and expressive of who I am to me; than the list I could drone on with of Exhibitions, work in private national and international collections, Teaching positions in University Institutions of Higher "Learning" I have held, former students I have mentored who are now teaching in Universities and Colleges.........Bla.......Bla....De-Bla...Professor Emeritus of Bla de-Bla........meaningless boring feces to to me and self-absorbed others;  when we reflect that many of us will either wear diapers before we die or someone will clean up our shit after our biggest most monumental "life changing" event since our birth.

Be Brave......Go forward with courage...Misneach,

David Woof.................................
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Another version of a programable kiln this just happens to be gas. Yeah it’s expensive and there are a lot of things that make it easy to use (or harder I’d bet if anything goes wrong) but what at all does that have to do with the work going on and the work coming out.
Any of us could make our own kiln and clay and glaze and wheel and so on and spend a tremendous amount of time doing so but if boring crappy work goes in crappy boring work comes out.
Knowing a lot about ceramics does. It mean anyone’s work will set the world on fire. You have consistently taken issue with the newer generation taking advantage of systems that allow them to explore paths in clay that were not available 20 years ago.
No one in this new generation is shaming any of the old guard for making glazes or making their own clay or building their own kiln. Can you blame them though if they were cold though with posts and comments like this?
What did building your own kiln get you for instance? Better yet what did it do for the work?

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