[Clayart] TV dinners

W Seidl wjsmaine at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 16:34:29 UTC 2021

To add my two cents:

In our house, growing up, the television was not allowed to be on until 
after dinner, after dishes were done. If the phone rang during dinner, 
it was ignored...much to the chagrin of my teenage sister. Unless 
invited, no visitors during dinner, either. My mom brought home "TeeVee" 
dinners once, to try them. The general consensus at the table that night 
was that there was insufficient flavor, and the portions were "too 
small" according to my father. They never made another appearance in our 
house.  My mom worked full time, as did my father, while raising 5 kids. 
She still managed (with our help) to get three meals on the table and 
keep the house reasonably clean, laundry done, etc.  Having 5 kids is a 
big help...

These days, those "dinner rules" from my folks have morphed a bit in my 
house, but still apply.  No TV during dinner, no cell phones on the 
table, and if the phones ring they are ignored. If it is that important, 
the caller can leave a message, or call later. Dinner is the ONE time 
Joe and I are together during the day where we can discuss personal 
things in private.  We jealously guard that time we have. No business 
talk, (well, minimal).


Wayne in Maine

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