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Jeff D. Walker jdwalker at silverdollarcity.com
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Thank you Ron. We fire cone 10 and I will get you a copy of the glaze I have been working with. Your help is invaluable to us all. Jeff

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Hi Jeff,

I just calculated a cone 6 glossy glaze with Texas talc and used
dolomite to source the magnesium in a 2nd glaze. They have the same
expansion and Seger formula and should be stable when fired to cone 6
without a lot of colouring oxides. I would classify it as a good liner
glaze with a typical colour response to colouring oxides.

Frit 3134 - 20.0
Mahavir spar - 10.0
whiting - 15
Texas Talc - 10.0
EPK - 20.0
Silica - 25.0
Total - 100.0

Same glaze without talc.

Frit 3134 - 20.0
Mahavir spar - 9.0
whiting - 7.5
dolomite - 14.0
EPK - 20.0
Silica - 29.5
Total - 100.0

If anyone would like to fire them up please post the results to
Clayart. Do make up at least 1000 gram batchs to minimize any weighing

If anyone has a glaze with talc in it and would like me to convert it
using dolomite instead of talc send it to me. I would expect a report
back about how the exchange worked.


Quoting "Jeff D. Walker" <jdwalker at silverdollarcity.com>:

> Just wondering if anyone has started working on a true replacement
> for Talc? We don't use a lot of it but we do use it and since it
> seems to be going away I guess it's time to start working on the
> tests for its replacement.
> Jeff Walker
> HillCreek Pottery
> Silver Dollar City
> Branson, MO
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