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Hi Joe,

On the same subject - I have a material listed called Sierralite sold  
by Imerys which has 34% Mgo but also a high amount of alumina (21%)  
which may be problematic in some glazes.

I don't know if it's still available - perhaps someone should check it out.


Quoting Joseph Herbert <josephherbert827 at gmail.com>:

> Danger, danger : giving a glaze composition opinion.
> I used to post more about glazes before i learned who much I don?t know,
> BUT in the example glaze Ron gave there is whiting.  If you replace the
> whiting with dolomite and double the amount (not exact) you get equal moles
> of Ca and Mg with the original Ca moles. Not all glazes contain whiting so
> that limits the usefulness of the replacement.
> Most dolomites are close to 50/50 (Ca Mg)CO3 but you could ask your
> supplier for an analysis.
> Joe
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