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Mon Oct 11 22:00:21 UTC 2021

Once I had a really old electric kiln I bought used. The owner said she had
the kiln for 40 years and that was twenty years ago. I'M SORRY i can't
remember the name of it - stroke brain interference - but that thing was
ancient. It would fire to Cone 10 but there were some tricks. This thing
predated cone sitters I think. It never had one. There were 8 tiers  of two
heating elements each. Each tier was controlled by its own infinity switch.
There was a port on the side into which one could insert a pyrometer probe,
and a peep hole on the other side. To use it I had to put a shelf cone on a
tall post in front of the peep hole and keep an eye on the pyrometer. I
used the pyrometer as a guide but used the bending of the cone to tell me
when to turn it off. I got some really beautiful firings from it. To this
day, such a kiln setup would be my choice for doing bisque firing.
Computerized kilns would now be my choice for glaze. But an old kiln can
still do good work for you.
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