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Glow bars, or to use the trademarked name, Globar elements, are solid
silicon-carbide kiln/furnace elements that are not affected by reduction
atmospheres.  In some parts of the world where firewood is in short supply,
as in Japan, electric reduction kilns with Globar elements have been widely
used.  When I was in grad school at U-Mass-Amherst and then the technician
for the clay program, we had a big stash of Glowbar elements out back that
were probably left from when they had a big hot glass program many years
ago.  The elements were about 5/8" in diameter, 36" long, and had a copper
jacket on each end.  That building has been demolished and I expect that the
Globar elements went to the dump.  

My friend Ro Purser on Whidbey Island in Washington has a Globar glass kiln
for glassblowing.  The power supply unit for the kiln is almost as big as
the kiln itself.  It requires a lot of amperage.  
- Vince

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When I started teaching at my old high school they had a GLOW BAR kiln.
About 15 cu.ft. I never fired it because they got rid of it and installed a
gas fired ALPINE in a new shed outside. Mike Gordon=

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