[Clayart] Don’t get electrocuted👊🏻

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Hi Rox, Everyone,
Something FYI to know, but​ "Don't try this at home"

Experienced electricians and kiln repair folks develop a "sixth sense" to recognize the Electro Magnetic Field radiation (EMF) that surrounds a "live line" or connection supplying electrical current.

This "sixth sense" is often physically manifested by a subtle tingling in their skin as their cells vibrate to the EMF frequency radiation, and sometimes accompanied by the raising of the tiny skin hairs we are endowed with.

We also live and act on electrical nerve energy.  Which also telegraphs our intentions to be picked up by others naturally aware or trained to recognize these at the threshold of awareness.

We all have these senses, but if not living alive to our environment and living conscious in our body, these senses sulk and go to sleep.

Most of us when we enter a room full of strangers will be alert enough to sense welcome or hostility, and to sense those "eyes of predatory interest" across the room.
The "eyes of interest" you learn to ignore!  <(;>0--({========={<

True Electrocution Hazzard Story:
I was standing by my heavy rail Iron, well-grounded, welding table when I felt the searching ion tingle sensation on my skin.

Hairs raised, I instantly leaped back and tucked into a backward roll into the shop as the lightning found a new ion path 150 yards away.  I saw it hit an old half buried school bus my neighbor had for storage use up in his "yard of treasures."
Much Love,


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Hi Arnold -
Please don't get electrocuted.
- Rox
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