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Mon Oct 18 12:21:41 UTC 2021

I really appreciated David's post on electricity and
natural instincts for survival.  I fear that we are raising
a society that has no natural instinct..."Mom does it for us".

I had to purchase a new car....A hit and run idiot almost killed
my daughter in a hit and run on the freeway, he was going 90, stolen car.
 So, I passed my 14 year
old car to her and got a new one. (chris is 60, so this was
not dad giving his car to his teen age daughter.) Family insisted I get the safest car
on the road.  I purchased a Mazda cx5. It has every safety feature there
is for a car. It wakes you if you nod off, lets you know if you wander off
the center line. (the steering wheel shakes) If I get too near a car mine
slows. It has five cameras. It is big and heavy but every vehicle I could
have a tussle with here in rural Wisconsin is a truck.

But, it has too many self driving features.  In the hands of a young person
we find they read their cell phone, talk or not pay attention.  The car drives
itself. IT DOES NOT. I have to be very mindful driving this car. It can help me
in a pinch, but it does not drive. It is my helper, not my driver.  This car
reminds me of my 1940 Ford. I had to drive that Ford...steering wheel, clutch, brake
and a shift. That was it. And to be consistent, my daughter learned to drive a
clutch/stick pick up truck. She took her driving test in that truck and got
a perfect score. You have to teach your kids survival. Chis kicked a kid that
became a all conference tackle for the U of Minn.  his hands where under her
ski jacket. She knocked him out cold.  (fast knee lift)
The mom called me screaming what Chris had done. I said..."He puts his hands under
her jacket one more time and I will kick him hard enough so he won't have children", CLICK

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