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Everything parental wise missing from current generation. No boundaries. When a PO in Philly We got a call (this was in the 60’s) to a home. Woman answered door. Asked what was issue. Said her son would not listen. Took us to a bedroom, there in the bed was an early teen boy. Told mom we are not in the parenting business. She replied he just will not listen. Said husband did not believe in discipline (Dr. Spock teaching). I realized then that the world had changed, not for the better.
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> On Oct 18, 2021, at 8:22 AM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> I really appreciated David's post on electricity and
> natural instincts for survival.  I fear that we are raising
> a society that has no natural instinct..."Mom does it for us".
> I had to purchase a new car....A hit and run idiot almost killed
> my daughter in a hit and run on the freeway, he was going 90, stolen car.
> So, I passed my 14 year
> old car to her and got a new one. (chris is 60, so this was
> not dad giving his car to his teen age daughter.) Family insisted I get the safest car
> on the road.  I purchased a Mazda cx5. It has every safety feature there
> is for a car. It wakes you if you nod off, lets you know if you wander off
> the center line. (the steering wheel shakes) If I get too near a car mine
> slows. It has five cameras. It is big and heavy but every vehicle I could
> have a tussle with here in rural Wisconsin is a truck.
> But, it has too many self driving features.  In the hands of a young person
> we find they read their cell phone, talk or not pay attention.  The car drives
> itself. IT DOES NOT. I have to be very mindful driving this car. It can help me
> in a pinch, but it does not drive. It is my helper, not my driver.  This car
> reminds me of my 1940 Ford. I had to drive that Ford...steering wheel, clutch, brake
> and a shift. That was it. And to be consistent, my daughter learned to drive a
> clutch/stick pick up truck. She took her driving test in that truck and got
> a perfect score. You have to teach your kids survival. Chis kicked a kid that
> became a all conference tackle for the U of Minn.  his hands where under her
> ski jacket. She knocked him out cold.  (fast knee lift)
> The mom called me screaming what Chris had done. I said..."He puts his hands under
> her jacket one more time and I will kick him hard enough so he won't have children", CLICK
> mel
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