[Clayart] thermocouples/ Now welding Thermocouples and Elements

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Ya like you and I and some others also know how to re-weld a broken electric kiln element.
 Skills pay the bills!

And skills will get one "thru the nite" when up against a show and sales deadline.


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I am totally with you Woof on thermocouple
inspection.  I have a box full of heavy duty

I have taken my small tip for the gas/oxy welder and
re/melted the ends.  I shine the connections and
add one of these to my pyrometers every couple of

They spot weld thermocouples at the "factory". And\
I have seen those welds break down.

My new digital pyrometer came with a super long
and heavy duty thermocouple.  It has a good solid
weld. I hate thermocouples that look like the are
made with silk thread.  Mine are like me..."Beefy".
Firing to cone 11 in a reduction kiln takes a toll
on thermocouples and of course the salt kiln is
really hard on them. Sorry, I just don't use the
protection tube system. I like that thermocouple
in the atmosphere...easy to re/weld the tip.'

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