[Clayart] welding thermocouples

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sun Oct 24 20:26:28 UTC 2021

I sandpaper and clean the ends, and use borax as a
flux.  There are times when you have to heat the ends
and use a plier to wrap them for good contact.

As soon as you can, dip the red end into borax...It leaves
like a glass coating over the weld.

It is easy to attach the broken ends of an element together
in a pinch.

Use your bernzomatic torch and heat about five inches of the
coil and pull out. Do the same for the other end.  I use one of those
dremel tools and clean the break ends about an inch back.
get them clean.
Cross the wires and clamp with a vise grip plier and heat and twist.
Make at least two twists...cut off the ends...heat again and push
back in the groove.

I got 18 bisque firings in an old L&L kiln doing the twist method.
In fact, there were two coils fixed.  The control box finally fell of
the kiln and I sent a picture to Steve Lewicki and asked for my money
back...things just don't last.  His dad made that kiln in about 1960.
(A friend said she saw a lady drop that kiln off at a land fill, I scooted
over and stuck it in my pick up truck. no one seemed to mind.  I fired it
for years. (bisque only))

It is amazing how long an old kiln will fire if only used for bisque.
I had a skutt small kiln that I fired for almost 40 years...one new
set of coils.  over firing is hell on a kiln.

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