[Clayart] cones and kiln speed

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Oct 25 09:59:20 UTC 2021

I fire the same way every time I fire.
The comparisons I am making are for me only.
charts mean nothing to me, it is how the cone
drops for me. Just like the numbers on the
dial of a pyrometer...I make the marks with a sharpie.

I am comparing three heat devices based on my kiln, fired
my way, and my timing.

That is one of the reasons glazes do not travel.
As I have said many times over the years...What is cone 10?
Over ten percent, half over or melted. If you fire for 14 hours
and say you are a cone ten potter...well, not. You may be in
the range, but cone ten only means something to you, your way.

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