[Clayart] The Electric Kiln is King

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Oct 25 12:00:28 UTC 2021

It is becoming obvious that electric firing is now the standard.
Few are rushing to build wood kilns, or other fuel kilns.
I assume that 70 percent of clayarters are firing electric kilns.

But, saying that It does remind folks that taking charge of that
kiln, understanding time and temp based on your work, is critical to
making new and exciting work that belongs to you.

For sure there are road blocks in the programs that do not allow
you to fire faster, but they can be changed.

The big issue about understanding cones is that you have many options
about firing your kiln.  That is why I tell folks to fire one cone higher
and see what happens. Understand the range of your glazes.  for example"""""
Last week here at the farm I got all pissed at a 1234 glaze that had a
dead look. No spark.  I got out the Chrome and put in a heaping 1/4 cup
of chrome in the bucket.  Wow, what a great glaze. There will be fist fights
at my holiday sale for those pots.

Now, doing that makes me an enemy to those that measure with a digital
gram scale..."Can you repeat it????".   "who cares, I will just make a
new one." I gave up Rhodes 32 years ago. It was worn out. I love firing
my mel6 in the electric kiln.  all new. But, I fire to cone 7. Bright yellow,
what a great glaze.  My intuition was dead on with that green glaze. A heaping
1/4 cup measure can be repeated. period.

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