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Mel I so relate,

Zen and the art of tree house building!!!
I'm designing and gathering materials to build a tree house (for my Muse) overlooking the river about 400 feet down river from the boat dock.  The river at major flood stage flows just under the floor decking on the Catwalk which rises 10 feet above the ground level before stairs at far end descend to the dock ramp.

I'm welcome to borrow a laser transit from contractor friends, and shoot a line at a marked target pole at the intended tree house site.
But......so much more satisfying to my spirit.........you guessed it...clamp a 36-inch carpenter's level to a vertical catwalk support leg,  adjust elevation for bubble level and sight along its top rail at my target pole.   A bit of simple math and my tree house floor will be set at 3 feet above the highest historical flood stage.

I often wonder if our Aunt Nut Meg was serious when she told us that she might actually be our mother and that maybe she wasn't so nuts after all to give us different fathers! <);>0)==[=====<


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The reason I am working with pyrometers is so
if things go bad (analog stops working" or
other things...i will know what cone 11 is with
my digital. I cannot put red sharpie marks on
the screen of my digital pyrometer. I want to know
how the infa red works, and what is cone 11 with
my firing.*  Remember, I have a few dozen people here
during the year firing my kilns...I have to have some\
decent "benchmarks"   I only use cones, and cone 11
falls onto ten.  seven in a row this summer, all the

Also, It is my DNA to do my own stuff.
I did my own survey of my property here at
the farm.  used a good military compass and
a 100 foot chain.  The county map maker said..
"damn mel, it is perfect...way to go. never
seen a homemade survey".

When i built my house here...I took an old
camera tripod, added two levels, and a telescope
from a gun and had a perfect tool to make the foundation
level. I had a broom handle with marks sawed in.  Sharlene
did not like holding the broom stick.  I also use a plastic
hose with water in it to level decks etc.  works a charm.
It is "Zen and the art of motorcycle repair".
it makes me very happy.
* I too time my firings.  this month of four firings
cone 11 dropped at 6 hours and ten minutes.+- When the alarm\
clock went off, cone 11 was half over a couple of days ago.
And Colleen fired the other stoneware in 6 hours, cone 11
at 2 o'clock. that woman makes great pots.

website: www.melpots.com<http://www.melpots.com>

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