[Clayart] smelly pots!?

ronroy at ca.inter.net ronroy at ca.inter.net
Sat Oct 30 16:31:00 UTC 2021

Hi Dorthy,

Was it a new pot or had it been used for food?

I know that if the clay is underfired and absorbing water then over  
time food will get in and go bad.

Sometime the muck comes out when someone is heating up in a microwave.

Properly vitrified clay cannot absorb water or food.


Quoting Dorothy Parshall <dorothyp at whidbey.com>:

> Someone posted on claybuddies a customer reporting that the pottery  
> they had bought smelled. The potter noted that the pottery had been  
> near a plug-in ?air freshener?.  On further thought: could properly  
> glazed and fired pots absorb the odor? I know that walls do, but  
> pottery?  There may be something this potter needs to know.
> Dorothy, on a frosty Ontario morning

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